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Av Slisk Lindqvist - Onsdag 22 mars 13:00

!! I am not here to make people angry if you are a muslim and already open for fact based information, this may be interesting. I myself found this to be very interesting, and it could be labeled as taboo as it can be a problem going against the faith of Islam and the texts of the Qur'an.!!
(I am not a muslim, I have another faith which is not written nor teached. I am not a right wing activist, nor racist, this was not meant to be a "right winged" post. People who use their heads are often truth seekers and open minded and that is what I am.)

I found a video, while searching about Islam, well, I didn't spend the whole night just reading parts of that. Youtube has many faces, many dark hoaxes and others with information, good or bad.
(I believe in everything and nothing, all att the same time, kind of contradicting, but if you do not understand, then you will not be open for it and to be open for it does not mean that you need to understand either.)

For me this is not about destroying anyones faith, you can not simply diminish someone's faith with "proof". Faith comes out of heart and is supposed to be there for some people, science does not support my spiritual belief, and even if facts are rubbed into my face it will not kill my faith. We all need some belief to be happy, even if some are for the basis of control, because religion has always been a way to control or entise others to either become better humans or to follow a rule and one of the simplest ways to involve others in same or similar thought are through religion to try and build bridges between different cultures and try to establish moral grounds to live on, nothing more. To include politics and law in religion is both good and bad as it can for some make them stay in the old ways of life and it is good as a book of religious thoughts has always been higly valued, priests or it's likelyhood has always been in high positions as scholars and teachers. Religion is for me an old way to try and make the world civilized fast, but in the midst of power it has gone corrupt. You are truely civilized when you are with good morals and is open to other induviduals thought. 

I hope that that was not insulting and rather a seen as it is a thought based in rational thinking.

When it comes to my belief it is not really a religious belief, it's a way of living and there is no direct way to read into it, because it has not yet been written. Basically "Every living thing has the same value, as we are equals to energy, so treat everything with the same love and respect that of you would treat yourself or your parents". I would like to write my own religious belief onto paper, and maybe some would like to follow it, there are so many texts that are written with morals in the center. Enough of that. 

This is a seminarium held by Jay Smith. It was interesting to watch. Especially in some sense of history about the Qur'an. I felt that Jay was a bit arrogant from time to time, very much when he got excited, I don't think that he is respectful, in the sense that I don't think he notices or thinks about the consequence of getting "your" reality and or faith hurt, but still really interesting. I recommend that you see it still.

In the seminarium which I hope that you just saw, he told everyone about some books and a 90 minute long documentry. That documentry was really interesting to watch, and it held much appreciated information, for me anyway. I hope you feel the same way. If you instead want to download the Documentry, it can be found on the pirate bay, I have noticed for some or many that the site is blocked so I will be linking the magnet link at the bottom, and I will also link two ways to use the magnetlink.

ISLAM, The Untold Story.

This is a long video of debates between Jay Smith and Dr.Shabir Ally.  

There was a specific site told of by Jay Smith. I could find two so they will be her under, I do not know which one of these it was that he meant, to be honest I have still not checked any of them properly.

Streaming or Downloading the documentry.
Popcorn Time - This is an application that lets you watch movies etc by streaming torrent file contents.
Tixati - This is a torrent download manager, you will need this or any other manager to download the file.

Magnetlink: ISLAM, The Untold Story.

Forgiveness is hard, but the easiest part is to forgive others.
- Slisk Lindqvist (Think about it.)

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Måndag 20 mars 03:37

So what is the plus side to the change? I wont tell you, I will give you the reason for the change in these videoes. Empathy, Equal value, Love.

First of, you weren't ever meant to eat meat
  and you where definitely not meant to drink Milk your whole life!

(Keep watching his channel, he has interesting facts which could convince you to change)

I will now give you three very interresting movies, more fact no fiction. Stop the denial.

Food Choice:



So the science and gore was not enough? Will Empathy from a loving person give you a heart then?

So what is the downside of not eating meat? I would lie if i told you that you did not get one good thing at least, D-vitamin! Yeah, but if you go out in the sun YOUR OWN BODY will create it. Yaay! One more point though, B12, from bacteria, so well. We could need to eat suppliment or drink unclean water. I don't see this as a big problem. 

B12 Information in this link! 

If we don't change, the world will not be here for the later generations.

Prince EA - Man vs Earth

Prince EA - Dear Future Generations: Sorry

I really hate being right some times, but please rethink your eating habits, you don't need to change it 100% veganism idealism right away, because your choice not to eat meat less is at least a start. Better than nothing right?

I really love this song, hopefully, you will notice the sadness in the tone and feel with it.

John Lennon - Oh my love

Over and Out.  Peace and much love my friends. <3

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Söndag 19 mars 22:13

Visste ni att CIA hade implementerat leksaker i olika tv apparater, som mjukvara så att de kunde avlyssna folk. Yes it is fucking true. Check it up at the closest wikileak directory, or in any news outlet that wrote about it. ^^

Detta är The Washington Post

Sen till det "roliga".
"Men det går ju inte att hålla det hemligt det är ju så många som arbetar inom det så det skulle vara omöjligt att det skulle kunna hända tänk bara på alla som skapar tv apparaterna och alla som skrev de olika firmwaren, tänk vad många som säljer dem, någon måste ju ha vetat!" Hahaha!
Nej, ni tror att det är svårt att gömma information från allmänheten och det är det inte, NASA gör till och med ett så fruktansvärt dåligt jobb på att gömma att allt de ger allmänheten är datoranimerat skräp att det snart kommer läcka ut i alla fall och jag är bara en paranoid foliehatt, uttrycket som NASA själva myntade. Fett less på folk som inte vet det.
Tänk nu på att CIA är fett jävla mycket större än NASA någonsin kommer vara och Informationen läckte till slut ut till allmänheten pga personer som inte tyckte att det är moraliskt rätt. Vet ni vad som händer med personer som har höga positioner och tycker att saker och ting inte är moraliskt rätt? De dör.
Läs om Wikileaks ledning, just ja, den som dör till och från, människojakten på Assange, han ser rätt bra ut och har massor av pengar, varför skulle han sticka till Sverige och våldta två tjejer? Säger inte att det är omöjligt, tycker bara att folk ska börja fundera på temat kring istället för att bara anta saker för att förtroendemän säger att det är så, det är inte specilett svårt att få folk att säga vad man vill, bara man har rätt förutsättningar, det är också lite "roligt" att Assange advokat dör, och några i ledningen sedan Wikileaks start och sen kan du ju läsa om alla länder som försöker stänga ner sidan, tror ni inte att det ligger någon grund bakom de försöken?

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Söndag 19 mars 16:50

Breath. It's as easy as that.
 The breathing is important for any induvidual, and I will tell you why I think so and how it is that I think this way shortly.


*Edit. Cancer is Clickbait. Stop eating meats, diary products, and fats, become raw food vegan, eat fruit, berries and veggies. That is how you hopefully don't get cancer, if you think this is not fact think again, because you are indoctrinated to eat meat diary products and destroy the world. Watch the videos in the link.
VEGAN - Why should I change and what would the positive impact be?

 *I hate it when the computer don't play along and the text vanishes, so now I will write it again, if i can remember everything, because short term mermory is not as good as the long term one, and this edit is because others got really buthurt and did not like my choice of words and could not see that I actually wrote NOT SCIENCE MAY BE PSUEDOTHOUGHTS but apperently some can not read.
Well breathing was it now!
So think of this, how do you breath?
  When we think of breathing we just naturally do it, because we know that we need oxygen, and it's a part of air which is one third of the equation to life (Life <=> Energy) and energy is gathered from Food, Water and Air, everyone of these are as equally necessary for life to exist, but we usually don't think of how we breath, I could very easilly tell you that you are just about surviving right now, as you are breathing wrong. So what is breathing wrong? Most people are very stressed, without reason, many people even smokes, smoking is a great example of how an induvidual is breathing wrong, in & out through mouth in short waves and with little oxygen relative to the smoke. When you breath in short burst, your body will have to work more, using more energy to hold up the pace. So the breathing technique that the majority of people are "using" is breathing short breaths in & out through the mouth, down to the upper lung, breathing out just as it has settled. This is short breathing, a technique you should use to cool your body, it's not meant to be used all the time, but it has become the normal way of breathing. This strains the body in many ways, as the body needs lots of oxygen to work, and if you only give it "small" amounts, the whole system will need to double it's speed to divide an equal amount of oxygen to all parts, and as it's less than needed the heart and lungs will have to work even harder. People that use more oxygen than they have are usually experiencing anxciety and in worst case scenarios even full blown panic attacks, when you breath wrong and you don't get the right amount of energy needed you will start to work faster to be able to distribute, so you start to breath faster and this is out of fear, because the body is chocked because of the lower amount of oxygen, so it starts to give warning signs in the outer body parts such as hands and feet, to stop this from getting worse all you have to do is breath right, usually we don't think in this moment we rather work with the asumption that faster is better so the body WILL go into muscle cramps as a selfdefence machanism, and it will cause you to faint, this acts as a reboot of the body, and while you are fainted, the basic features of the body can take over and start with a bigger intake of oxygen, so how? Well deep breaths ofc.

Have you thought of how you breath?

 The trick to a long and healthy life is actually, eat right, drink lots of water and breath right. FUCK IT I ACTUALLY WROTE SOMETHING REALLY GREAT, MOVED OVER AND MY HAND GOT ON THE MOUSE, SENT ME TO THE STATISTICS FOR THE BLOG, ENDING UP ERASING AT LEAST THE DOUBLE AMOUNT OF TEXT THAT YOU SEE NOW, THAT I HALF ASSED PUT TOGHETER IN ANGER. I will rewrite when the time comes when i don't spend hours of detailed thoughts just because people don't understand stuff anymore with out the step to step guide to life.

 Will something as easy as switching my breathing technique have a good impact?! By All means, YES!
   Think of it like this, you have a cake, A big one, It is divided into 20 equal parts, you are going to have 30 guests over in total, but not everyone eats cake so you just bought one cake by the usage of that assumption. You also forgot to buy something for the other guests out of stess, or something. Now you will have 1/3 that will not have as much energy to talk or act as the other 2/3. You could as easilly had bought two cakes and had some leftover, for later. Well most do the later in real life but not when they breath.
  Usually people act out of an asumption. That was a really bad metaphor, it will have to work.
If you have a car and you give it half a tank you will not be able to travel as far as with a full. *duh* Logic! Maybe only halfway :) or worse, just a quarter of the total distance (or less).

So most people, breath through the mouth In and out, They use the part of the lungs that is underneath the chestpiece (upper lungs not the lower) and they breath fast, everyone does that when they are stressed, because the body will need more air to go. ^^ So what if this way of breathing was actually straining the body, because everything in the body actually needs air, IT is one out of three fuel injections. (AIR, FOOD, WATER) If you give it less than it needs it will not be able to travel as far, right?
Establishing rational logic. :D

Are your hands and feet often cold?
Even though you exerscise, eat healthy and don't smoke? Why is that? Think of your breathing and try this instead. It will not work directly you fool, it will need your active attention, so please listen.

  •     Breath in through your nose.
  •     To your lower lungs, the abdomen.
  •     Wait for the air to settle in the upper lungs.
  •     Breath out through your mouth.

Do this for around 10 minutes a day for couple of weeks, if you do it more often that is good to.
So what are you doing? You are training daily, so that the brain thinks it's natural, but it will take some time for it to make it as a normal action.

What does this change, Really?!  My rational thought actually tells me that breathing like this warms the air that travels in your body through the blood, so that outer body parts like the hands and feet gets warmer, because I don't believe that it is bad circulation of blood... Why would anyone even think something so stupid anyway?!
The heart has a constant beating, if not strained by training which elevates its beating or when you die in which it stopps and the blood is still, then it would be assigned as bad circulation. The heart is a muscle and as we all know if we don't exercise them they wont get stronger, so exercise is really important in the long run, even though it is just walks.

Breathing through the Nose:
So cold air, goes in through your nose, passes by the sinuses and in to your mouth, down the throut and into the lower part of the lungs, warmth travels up, gets taken by bloodcells and distributed througout the body, used air gets converted into carbon dioxide and it's called "old air" and it gets back into the upper lungs, and there she blows! ^^

Breathing through the Mouth:
So cold air goes in to mouth and down to the upper lungs, gets distrobuted througout the body old, used air (carbon dioxide) get back to the upper lungs and out she blows!

Do you understand what, sending room temperatured air vs. body temperatured air does to the body? Do then you understand what difference just a mere 10 degrees celcius would do to the body? Chainreaction! You would become healtier, because, the body would become warmer or colder, how you breath is dependant of that, it Is as important to breath as it is to eat or drink, and definetly dependant of HOW to.
Some viruses in the body would die of, some viruses actually thrive in warmth, so it would make some of them show their properties faster, but that is only if you don't think of the fact that the lungs will make air go bodytemp if you breath right. It would be fun to test if sick people in warm aired locations would react to like breathing in cold air to lower the body temp, that would be a nice experiment, to see if some viruses would survive in colder blood, mutheeeeerfukkeeeeerz! ^^
My belief is that breathing wrong not only makes you sick in the long run, it is perhaps also the cause for koncentration problems for a minority that I think will get bigger with every generation, when the brain is working a lot, all the inner movement will create heat and it will need to get cooled of, so breathing right will cool the brain  that works the most, the frontal lobe because you have sinuses going up between your eyes and into the whole forehead. (Inside of the cranium)

Friends who did not believe me when I was talking about this with minor detail this summer, hope you understand me now.

Basic belief then.
If you get cold air in system, system freeze, If hot, system hot, if to hot, system will crash. Understand?

So did that sound like something stupid? Rational?! WOW! ^^ Thanks.

Have you thought of how you breath?
Time to make a change? I think so too.

Thank you for reading. Comment if you believe there is something missing. Peace

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Måndag 13 mars 00:30

Det är alltid någon gräns till hur mycket som får plats, så jag tänkte välja ett annat sätt, min egen blogg. ^^
Läs den och märk hur knäpp jag till och från kan vara eller skit i den totalt och se vem jag är när du skriver till mig.
Jag har Asperger och ADHD vid sidan av, är ofta rastlös och vill gärna hitta på något spontant när andan faller på plats. Jag är inte svår att ha att göra med fast att man kan tro det med kombinationen, jag är lite konstig ibland bara för att jag har lite tankediaréer, Mitt huvud arbetar på med en massa roliga saker så jag kan ibland uppfattas som distant, men lugn! Det kan vara för att jag försöker förändra något antingen med mig själv eller hos allmänheten.

Här för ett tag sedan så blev jag spådd på ett par sätt av en bekant som tränar på olika metoder, det hen meddelade mig var något som jag i varje fall redan visste, men har svårt att kommunicera till andra.

Det här var hen fick ut ifrån mitt födelseår och plats.


Det som kommer här nedan är en sammanfattning från vad som tydligen gick att se i min vänstra hand, och det kände jag själv var väldigt intressant. :D


Alla kan få tro vad de vill om öden etc, men jag tror att man valde sitt liv med svårigheterna i förväg därmed har jag ett öde att delvis ta del utav. Jag tror att de där bilderna beskrev mig rätt så bra, till det positiva, men jag är inte så mycket för att bara visa det positiva.

Vill man läsa om min personlighet så går det utmärkt, eftersom att jag har en av 16 möjliga. ;P
Om man ska tro på det så har jag INFP personlighet.
Läs via den här länken
. ^^ 



Av Slisk Lindqvist - Söndag 12 mars 18:01

Vad händer? Tänker jag verkligen så annorlunda att folk inte kan känna att det är normalt? I varje fall så tänkte jag ta och slänga upp hela konversation en från på en post jag kastade ut i mitt flöde, men i början av bilden så kom inte hela texten upp, slänger in det som fattas innan bilderna, så att det kan läsas det också och efter bilderna kommer videon som jag hade länkat. Här är länken till posten, för er som har mig på facebook och har möjlighet att läsa. Om det behövs så kan den ju även bli bingsatt. (översatt)

Kolla bild först läs sen det nedan om det ens är intressant, det är själva diskussionen som är det intressanta egentligen då folk tror, att jag är något som jag inte är dvs, en "Flat Earther".

"....  i de nordligaste delarna av världen.

Bara en tanke. Jag tänker försöka ägna energi på att debunka varenda del av argumenten. Nu är det ju också så att vi lever i en "tid" av väldigt mycket cgi och falskhet för att kunna bevisa, det är därför jag tänkt att jag inte är skeptisk heller, för att vart döljer man sanning om inte rakt framför ögonen, att NASA sitter och leker med digital grafik för att skapa ALLA sina bilder, det bryr sig inte alla om, inte ens de som vill resa utanför jorden."


Det finns för övrigt en väldigt bra sida för att snabbt räkna ut hur mycket kurva som är möjligt att uppfatta på en specifik distans gentemot den höjd man betraktar horisonten från. Länk här.

Det är också en fruktansvärt bra sida att läsa om annat fuffens också om man känner att man vill se vad som är sant eller falskt.
(bara att ta bort "/curve/" från adressen.)


Här nedan är videon, den har faktiskt några intressanta punkter och de hade jag i tanken att debunka med relativt enkla experiment. För att man kan endast se det ljuset vid specifika tillfällen och inte hela tiden.


Av Slisk Lindqvist - Lördag 11 mars 14:31

Jag har fått för mig att jag ska hålla på med tre olika experiment,

  • En är en radiostyrd bil som är ca en meter lång för att kunna få plats med de experimentella delarna.
  • Antenn och Trådlös EL, för att det inte känns speciellt svårt.
  • Bygga om min Ford Escort MK3 från '82, till att drivas på vätgas.

Det är en hel del att tänka på när man ska göra något nytt, jag har tänkt att börja med att kanske få igång bilen, så att den där infernaliska 1,6 liters motorn faktiskt går runt på bensin som den ska. För just nu startar den inte alls, första tanken är att byta ut röret framför motorn så att det blir tätt för just nu så går avgaserna direkt ut i motorutrymmet, det kan också vara det som bitvis är problemet. (Potentiellt baksug av motor pga kort avstånd till tillgång av syre.)
Tillbehör som jag behöver för att laga bilen så att den ens kan bli besiktad är typ bara två saker, det röret och det andra problemet är att förar dörren hänger lite. så antingen så löser jag det genam att dörren lyfter sig själv så att den låses, dvs ett hjul påsvetsat under dörren som sen på en bana rullar uppför på i en fastsvetsad halvkon och tillslut landar i en svacka. Det bör vara tillräckligt för att dörren ska låsa sig på första hacket. eller så kan jag ta och slå ut cylindern som gått av och byta den mot en biltema fjäderspik.

Jag har suttit och funderat en hel del på vätgas, det är lättantändligt och i kompression är det explosivt. Så det är inte bara, bara utan det är också rent ut av farligt, så jag hade bara tänkt hantera ett element på möjligen 7 skivor, men jag är väldigt säker på att jag vill ha mer än det, och jag kan inte bygga två vätegeneratorer för att jag tror inte att min bils generator ens är tillräckligt stark för att driva ens en. Det återstår att se, ska försöka kolla vad det är för generator jag har, och tankarna egentligen går på att skaffa en ny, för att det kommer att behöva skapas mycket ampere för att väteproduktionen ska kunna öka fortare. Från generatorn och in till bilen så blir det att sätta in en DC dimmer på upp till 40/50 amp, för att kunna styra över produktionen, behöver ju inte köpa på fullvarv hela tiden, blir bara en onödig påfrestning på generatorn och speciellt på behållarna som håller ett förhoppningsvis konstant tryck.

När jag väl beger mig och startar upp mina test så kommer jag självfallet starta upp specifika bloggar och länka till här så att det blir en ordentlig genomgång, bilen kommer som sagt först behöva startas och ställas in för bensin, innan jag ens kan starta en konvertering. Sitter fortfarande och tänker på alla saker jag behöver och många sidor har väldigt bra guider, men inte helt så detaljerat som jag hade velat att det skulle vara, det finns alltså ingen "WOW MANUAL" för ändamålet.Det ska jag försöka åstadkomma och jag ska försöka skriva den på både svenska och engelska, men antagligen så blir det bara ett språk. Många tror att det är hittepå och det är inte så konstigt när mainsteamprogram som mythbusters tar sig till att skapa icke fungerande apparater, de bevisar samtidigt att det går att köra en bil på gasen. <3 Hej så länge. 


Av Slisk Lindqvist - Torsdag 9 mars 16:50


I was met with much discontent and lots of people in total ignorance who told me that I was partly stupid for "believing" in something like the Flat Earth and that it could be a posibillity that we actually lived on it.

FIRST OF! I did not, nor do I believe in the theory of Flat Earth, but I speculated in the posibillity. Because there is only a small part of the modern civilisation that actualy takes the time to questions it. My friends wanted me to without question rely fully on known science and common knowledge, who in their right mind would ever rely on anything without question? I don't want to take things for granted. One big problem for me is that I pretty much have a hard time with what NASA is telling the puplic, but that is up to each one of us to make our own understanding of that.

Well I have been watching the sun and the moon, clouds, read about perception and I have been looking through physics and some mathematics, lots of formulas, many many many Videos on the topics (from botth viewpoints) etc. but in the end, no, it did not get me to believe in this Flat Earth idea, this problem that I LOOSELY used 6 months for is something that I would like to see researched in the schools of the future, by using Flat Earth theory in their science classes, because how else would it be possible to replete their minds with reason? Either the teacher gives the students the things they need, and tell them to well, not support the obalate sphere, possibly even tell them to prove that Earth is flat. Even if they think they have found proof, they will be met with the problem in the Australia, Afrika and South America by the star constilations and the occational, moon eclipse.

  There are many things that can prove the heliocentric model, but it would be even easier to prove, if not "almost all" the evidence from NASA was either CGI or faked. Not very interesting to have a goverment agency that only spends money and announces crap to the public most of the time. Okey, that does not concern the economic's here in Sweden, but I hope you understand. What it does do instead though, is letting down peoples expectations about spaceflight and travel.
Some of the "Evidence" can actually be found in the notorious Flat Earth videos, (MUCH IS FAKED IN THE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE) I will try to find one which has a subtle title for my blog.


Link >> "Blue Marble" search on google.
Here are some of these pictures, I suggest you open them one by one, compare them and admit to yourself that NASA may have some camera issues or possible problem with the CGI department, sometimes especially with resolution, but enough about that. Here are some OFFICIAL NASA pictures.


My biggest issues of today is actually gravity and the vacuum of space.There has for me been lots of thinking and thoughts around the subjects of gravity and vacuum on my part, especially engines, acceleration, deceleration, I will be discussing the basics of my thoughts shortly, but first I want to tell that I do believe in the probability of one Flat Earth to exist as I am a firm believer of the Multiverse theory, not only that, I actually believe that time and space does not exist especially as time is a cunstruct of man, It does not exist and it also opens up the oportunity for the theory that nothing is linear, and that everything is actually happening in "the now" with eternal possible alternetive dimensions with multiple realities. 

Back to the thoughts of Gravity, the construct in which an object with different mass and density fall in the same pace and is always drawn towards the biggest objects center, in this case Earth, but it can only be "shown" in zero gravity or vacuum, as air is magical and gives back the properties of the object falling.

  Here comes my problem, Air (with this composition), which has a light density has the capability to actually give these objects with different masses and weight a significant boost in speed with the help of rotation and attraction towards the ground... Sounds stupid right? This is not applied to gas however, because then oxygen would also sprint towards the center of earth, and some insects really like to defy "gravity", like this little one to the right. It is actually to big to be able to fly, because of it's size (mass) and weight (density), THEY ARE MAGIC! Nah, what they really do is vibrating their wings til they basically heat up to above 30°C and practically levitate because of the heat, so Bumblebee's are like the airbaloons of the nature. So everything above 30°C vill like levitate? No! So why aren't every kind of gas involved in this little problem of gravity?
I would bluntly say density, but in my belief that is actually quite wrong, I will continue in a moment.
   So should aerodynamic's be enough to defy the whole concept of gravity then? Well it help, with force. THE FORCE. Hahaha
I actually have some ideas now.
Now, as in one for about 180 minutes and one for about 30 minutes and the last one for um, don't know how many years. I have not really stuck to the idea of some force holding me down by magical properties, Gravity as we know it, is just one part of the whole thing, and should by my meaning, only be used as, a way to messure, force. Well have not really figured out how they should use it, I am actually full with my theories of how it works not what it does, and  I believe that these theories could be part of it.

  1. So my thoughts are that Earth has an ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD, and wait, it does in fact have that, and here is parts of what I believe, I have thought for a very long time that Nikola Tesla was definetly on the right path, almost. I have been thinking a lot about this and especially a lot this past year, and while Tesla was thinking of the frequencies around us in a whole other manner than me, well, thanks to something I could actually build my theories on top of grounds.

    Back to the main part. Frequencies are capable to change and therefore also give out a whole spectrum of colors that we can both see and not, I am actually combining my theories with my own expeciences, (which in turn can be quite hard to prove at the moment, but could be a base of thinking). People across the world has for centuries upon centuries, told others of colors they either could see both in their mind visioned while hearing a tone from an instrument, or outside of a body capsulating other induviduals with fantastic color combinations or a full bodysuit of single colors, these are frequences that some people can see after they have trained to do so or are born with the "function" (for a lack of a better word), and are usually called Auras, it is also said that every emotion and memory that an induvidual is having at THAT given moment is seen with their own colors.

    A great spectrum of vibrations! Communicated by the body through an electromagnetic field, with the posibility to make their own  Aurora Borealis


    In the spiritual community, these colors seen around induviduals are called Auras, and some people see them as different sized fields around other people, but it is also said that everything living has their own Aura, well then, that includes mankind, animals, plants and even the earth. I want to add that I have actually seen auras or rather, the electromagnetic fields of others, but it was when I was around 18 years old so that was a while back. I have always been a bit more sensitive to frequences than others, like one time when I was testing a machine that was supposed to clean the blood with a frequency that people usually don't react to, and after about 10 seconds, I asked if it was normal to feel the vibrations, they where stunned by the notion, and that is why I also know, that the frequency was not supposed to be noticable, they told me afterwards. The machine was small in size and you put your arm in it, white, violet/blue light from it. This summer, I felt more than people usually do, and my only explention for the whole situation is that feelings are translated into vibrations and connected to the heart. My strong belief anyway, that the heart is not only the organ that pumps blood, it rather also with it's puls, create electricity, that activates the electromagnetic field, It is not a full theory made yet, it's only speculation. This summer ('16) I felt other peoples feelings, and I believe that it is communicated through vibrations via the electromagnetic field, and that this is how empathy is shared.

    When it comes to the theory of there being a field of some sort around humans is not that far fetched as your everyday touchphone rely on electricity to go through your finger to know where your finger is. I am not going in to the science, because i am uncertain. I also noticed that electronics all have a need to get shielded from outer disturbance. My phones display, cracked a year ago, it worked fine til this summer when I felt strong feelings the screen would start to flimmer, as if I had put a magnet near it. The same happened with my computer, but that screen was not faulty, the rest of the computer was though. I had really strong feelings this summer, not all good, but it helped me to build up my almost nonexisting thoughts since years earlier.

      Electomagnetism is not the thing holding us in place, because, every time we would get shocked we would levitate. (Ha Ha)

    If the electromagnetism in the body is capable to translate different vibrations for feelings and then send them out as frequences of color, would it be to far fetched to say that it could also be read of others fields and copied to be able to empasize other people? Would that then be the whay that make Empath's able to feel exactly the same feelings as the one that actually has them? I believe it to be so, and I believe that every human is capable to communicate this way. How? I will write about that in another post.

    Earths electromagnetic field is there to protect us from higher vibrations gamma rays etc, well, I'm not to sure about just that one thing, I think that excuse my boldness, everything on the planet, strengthens the earths field, by just showing more love and other good feelings towards eachother, because happiness of different degrees tend to have higher vibrations, lighter colors tend to have higher frequencies. Only speculations.

      I don't believe Electromagetism to be the only force, it is part of something else, and "gravity" as we now know it is a wrongful definition, but is in a way a great try to explain a great part of science, It explains why objects fall in the same speed, in vacuum or does it even explain why? Because when air is applied objects act out of place, and I believe that to be part of my theory here, a try to give a simple answer based on an Idea I just had that Electomagnetism is a communicator of vibrations.

  2. I believe the air is partly a conductor for the electromagnetism as vacuum does not have any particles. If EM is a communicator, then it would need something to communicate through, a conductor, and that is through, the most common element on earth, either it is carbon, or it is air, or it is electricity itself, and as vacuum, tend to be missing the whole atoms and particles which make up the vaccum. I have noticed that the particles/atoms at the barrier/border of space have three things incommon, high velocity, high temperature and with low density. These are all three something that can explain the loss of attraction, as the high velocity have the tendency to miss the other objects, and high temperature lowers the function of a conductor and low density being that there are fewer particles to hit.

    That could be one part of the answer to why objects float in low density pockets or phenomenan like space meaning Vacuum, the emptiness.

    This force of attraction that I have been trying to explaining as electromagnetism, acts in the manner in which everything with a high density, "low" mass and with a slow velocity as an object or particle is attracted to the source of the force, meaning that the force in hand should attract everything that is of opposite polarization or repell if necessary, as the easy explenation, and that is what Magnetism, Electromagnetism, Dielectric Magnetism, as known forces does.

  3.  Anti-Gravity! One day maybe, I just had an Idea, some hours ago, and this is what I am going to share with everyone that reads.  What if a sound could make the difference, like actually pushing the higher density composition away and use the lower one to act like a zero/lower gravity bubble?
      Everything makes sound's and especially the flying ones, right now I'm only talking contemplation of natural origins. Like birds which really like to make noises where ever they are, (yes they also need to communicate) when they fly and even when they don't fly, they instead glide and uses the winds. The high pitched frequency that some birds actually have could perhaps dissipate all the high density particles and let the lighter one's be left, like clean oxygen, it is very light, and can give tremendous energy for the one breathing it, birds have a really light body, and they are naturally built as very aerodynamic, birds often fly in packs, and the it's often the "same" high pitched sound. It would be interesting to match that sound up and try messuring what happens to air when it gets hit.
    Levitation is very interesting, here is a video of levitation using sound.

    It would be very interesting indeed to build some sort of device that would be built in a light material, that can repell electricity, and at the same time be able to withstand the vibrations sent through an outer layer that would act up as a resonator, and making the frequency loud sa that it could perhaps defy the electromagnetism or what ever force it is, gravity as we know it is not complete and needs the new part to be fully understandable, because now it does only say that objects fall at the same pace and tries to use itself as explonation as to be, that is not okey.

    Here is another couple of interesting videos, that could make your thoughts go wild, I haven't seen the second one yet. Will be interesting. 

  4. There is one more part of my theory, It is the not fully written Link.



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