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Speaking to God?

Av Slisk Lindqvist - 6 december 2017 18:25

I have been speaking to this person on youtube that Is a bit exceptional. I don't really know what to think of him and what he is uttering. I have made this record, mostly for my self, as I do want to save this conversation, but at the same time, if it is public on his channel, and it involves me, then I would have the equal right to have it public in my channel. 

This started with me resonating with one video, his first video, It was his take on the mandela effect that helped me understand it better and adding in to my theory of how everything holds up, I made a video, but the sound quality was not good enough, because Microsoft reset, the microphone settings in alla applications in it's new update. Very strange, but I missed that and the camera mic, was used instead of my headset. Well, some stuff happens. Now I have to make a new video, but that is in some sense good. ^^ 

Here Is the conversations between me and a god, Joshua, and it started in this video here which I only screenshot, If you want to see it, search for him on youtube. 

In his respons to what I had written, he made a video, my very first youtube drama. Well, for me this is not drama, It is different views, So I watched it, and commented.   

Today he had made a new video and that video felt alot different from the two former ones that I had commented on. I have no Idea if it was before or after what I had written.
In this last one, I just gave up on him #sarcasm?. Calling people bad things will come back on each and every one that utters it, because I at least try to have my best self present at all time, not just me, I don't want to speak ill of others, I don't like talking about others in a bad way, I don't want to be stuck in a low frequency.    

I have no Idea if what I write in regular is with a positive or negative Impact, but what I know is that I don't have any ill intent, and I want to display my truth, if that Is wrong, then I am wrong, but I don't regret what I think or say or that I could be wrong, Even if I have said 'stupid' things in earlier posts or comments. Because our beliefs is what forms our truth and what we utters. 

Anyway I hope people find inner peace, and are capable to express love, because that is what is going to change the world for the better. 


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Av Slisk Lindqvist - Onsdag 18 juli 22:49

  Bredvid bilden stod det. "Elektromagnetism / Mikrovågsugn / HAARP / Din död"Som jag om och om igen fått höra så tänker jag väldigt baklänges, men detta blev mitt svar till bildinnehavaren och till alla andra som känner för att negativa tankar gent...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Onsdag 18 juli 15:16

Sjuka ideologier? Vart är National Socialismens grund en sjuk ideologi? Det är först och främst Svenskars fel att Arier ens togs upp och sågs som det bästa utförandet utav vår biologiska massa, totalt utan att tänka på att dessa arier var individer...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Lördag 3 feb 02:19

I have thoughts that I KNOW is true, other dissmiss it because they are ignorant, or is it just me being stubborn and without full self asteem?This here is a discussion about the universe.    Here is the whole religion part.        Today. 03/02-'18...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Lördag 27 jan 13:12

Everyone are Empath's. Not up for discussion, it's a statement.We mirror each other when we are on the same 'wavelength'.   The one's that we resonate with mirror us all the time. (Walk in the same pace, same heart-beat, breathing at the...

Av Slisk Lindqvist - Torsdag 11 jan 20:20

I am the Lost White Brother that The Hopi was talking about. I am the/a Messiah (Messenger of Truth) All clans of the realm can be part of my view. I am A Ray of Knowledge. God = Truth (The combination of Knowledge and Blind Belief makes the trinity ...


The rantings of a crazy man! ;D Well, if you want to read, go right ahead, some of it is in Swedish with a BAD google translation (because lazy) some of it was only written in Swedish and the later material should all be in English (when I'm not to lazy).

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